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Two Handsome bucks that have served us well, Treeline Mustang Red VG 89, and Sugarfield Supreme VG 88

This is my favourite picture of Supreme as a young buck watching over his girls! Love his beautiful Roman nose and Boer profile!

Here are some of the past, present and future herd sires of Treeline Boers!

Current Bucks:

Du Biquet Treeline Gunner VG 86
Click here for pedigree TR31264

This Traditional purebred boer buck was born and raised here at Treeline Boers, as we were fortunate enough to purchase his pregnant mother in the fall of 2014. Gunner is sired by Show Me Boers Master Blender, a U.S. import classified at VG 89, and is out of Du Biquet Giroflee VG 89, who is a granddaughter of Du Biquet Galaxie EX, Overall Reserve Grand Champion 2014 at the East Nationals, RAWF. Giroflee is a first time mom who is sired by Show Me Boers Righteous Comet (VG 89).Both Comet and MasterBlender have been shown successfully as well, with Comet earning Grand Champion buck at the RAWF in 2012 &2013 and Canadian Champion buck in 2012, and MasterBlender earning Senior Reserve Champion at the East Nationals, RAWF 2014.

We are very excited to have Gunner as an up and coming herd sire here at Treeline Boers! He has impressed us to date with his weight gain and muscling and overall conformation, not to mention his very docile disposition! We are also retaining his beautiful full sister, Du Biquet Treeline Gigi. Born October 10/2014, a twin, teated 1 & 1. His first kids were born in August 2016, a beautiful set of twin doelings out of a VG 85 Treeline Zeus daughter!


Pryme Bad Mama Jama VG 88
Click here for pedigree TR30261

This January 2014 Traditional Purebred buck is a flashy BL1 Lindsay Acres Ultra’s Poseidon (VG 89) son out of Pryme Shake It For Me, who is a Fix It’s Red Tailed Tooter (VG 87) and Du Biquet Pigale (2 EX) daughter. This young buck brings some great old rugged bloodlines from the U.S., boasting the kinds of traits that a South African Boer Goat should carry, with extreme depth and hearth girth, very balanced animals with great toplines and tight shoulders and lots of muscling. We had his first crop of kids on the ground April 2015 and have some impressive daughters of his coming up in the herd now. He will be breeding a group of does for Spring 2017 kidding.


Treeline Dandy Suitor VG 85
Click here for pedigree R29923

This Purebred Red Boer boer buck is out of Treeline Dash of Class (a daughter of Treeline Dorothy VG 88; Senior Reserve Champion purebred doe at the Markham Fair 2011 ) & Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1 (VG89; 1st in class, Yearling Buck, RAWF 2011). This 3rd generation Red buck will surely carry on the impressive genetics of his sire and grandsire (you can read up on them below, in our Reference Bucks section!), as well as the strong maternal traits of his dam`s line! Born May 11/2013; a twin; teated 2 &2

Maryber Time Selection VG 88
Click here for pedigree TR28788

In October 2016 we purchased Time Selection to add to our buck lineup. He is a 3 yr old Traditional Purebred Boer buck who is sired by Reis Uriah (VG 86), a U.S. Import sire, and is out of Maryber Time After Time (VG 85). His granddam is Sugarfield Timeless 196T (VG 89). He also descends from Patdale The Inventor and has some great old genetics in his extended pedigree like Tor-Au’s Poundmaker and Ram H Tipper as well as Ram H Tanker.


Reference Bucks:

The bucks below have been past herd sires here at Treeline Boers, so this section details some information on them:

Treeline Zeus
Click here for pedigree TR29931

This tradtional purebred boer buck (with the added flash of a distinctive red tail!) is out of Medicine Creek ZigZag (a Rowdy Mntns. Dancing King (VG 86) daughter) & Pryme Big Bang Theory (VG 87). This buck will be a definite asset to our breeding line up, with the combination of improved milk/udders from the Dancing King genetics and improved width & muscling from the Flash N Chrome genetics! Born August 3/2013; a twin; teated 2&1. With kids from him born in both 2015 and 2016 coming up in the herd, Zeus has now been sold.


J Bar T BlackJack
Click here for pedigree R29033

This Purebred Black boer buck descends from Treeline bloodlines on the bottom side of his pedigree (going back to our first purebred buck Dreamweaver Ace as well as RAM H Dakota ) and has imported black genetics on his topside descending from CRW Brutus! We are looking forward to crossing him with some of our Red and paint girls! Born April 2/2013, a twin, teated 1 & 1 We have a nice group of December 2014 born kids (lots of coloured ones!) out of this buck, and BlackJack has now been sold.


Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1 VG 89
Click here for pedigree R25295

Mustang Red(VG89)’s own son out of Serendipity Selma (VG87), at 10 days. At 8 weeks he weighed 50 lbs!
At 3 months of age, this beautiful boy weighed in at 68 lbs!
At just over 4 months of age he tips the scales at over 80 lbs!
Mach 1 is a very structurally correct buck with Sugarfield Strategy as his grandsire, so he boasts of Ram H Tipper (2005 Supreme Champion of Canada) and Ram H Tanker (Sire of Champions) in his pedigree!
His maternal side goes back to straight South African roots with very nice Balson stock.

Here is a picture of Mach 1, taken June 2012. He was 2 years old.

The picture below shows Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1 at 14 months old. He classified VG89 on August 8th/2011 at 14 1/2 months of age!
Click here to see Mach 1’s extended pedigree

Classification Score: VG 89
Powerful chest on this boy!

Camerons Smokin Red Hot VG 85
Click here for pedigree R26352

Born March 12/2011 and pictured here at 20 months old . He is sired by the U.S buck Max Boer Goats Red hot spots Unleashed and a great grandson to Max Boer Goats Red Hot $. RED HOT $ has a well known name in the Colored Boer Goat Industry. He is proven to be a consistent show, performance & color producer. Great mass, color and style with a ‘hog-butt’ rear. Also boasting as his great grandsire, he has Logan Hill Mr. Makers Mark. MAKERS MARK is a very structurally correct buck, whose strongest heritable trait (in addition to color) is putting beautiful front ends and length on his offspring.

Smokin Red Hot is out of one of our favorite maternal Boer goat lines, with Treeline Splenda as his dam . We are excited to be bringing back our Dreamweaver Ace genetics that is in his dam’s pedigree! Red Hot is a twin, and his brother was fully dappled.

We hope to see lots of colour out of this boy, as well as strong breed conformation, and believe he will cross nicely with our other breeding lines. Click here for pedigree.

We welcomed Smokin Red Hots first kids August of 2012 as well as November 2012. He has not disappointed, producing hardy kids, and lots of colour as a bonus!
Classification Score Oct. 2013: VG 85

Medicine Creek Zodiac VG 87
Click here for pedigree TR26902


Zodiac is the son of Rowdy Mntns. Dancing King (VG 86) and is out of Krista’s Carol, who is a Sugarfield Retrofire daughter. He also carries the bloodlines of DSM Cloud Dancing (Platinum Champion), Eggsfile(the youngest buck to be ennobled by the ABGA. He achieved this prestigious award when he was 23 months of age. Eggsfile is a son of Top Gun No.2 *ENNOBLED), RAM H Dakota, and RAM H Tipper. The first picture was taken at 3 months old and the second at 15 months old. Perfect 1 & 1 teated.
Click here for pedigree
Classification Score October 2013: VG 87

Pryme Big Bang Theory VG 87
Click here for pedigree TR27660

We have purchased this handsome boy from Pryme Farms (our son & daughter-in-law!) Big Bang Theory is a June 2012 son of Eggs Eggstra Flash N Chrome (VG88 as a yearling) and Pryme Shake It Mama (VG 85 as a 2 yr old). Click here to view his extended pedigree. This hardy buck is high headed, up-fronted, muscled up & big twisted at a young age already, and he has achieved this with limited feed, and on rough cedar pasture. We are looking forward to using him on our Big Rumble and Mach 1 daughters!
Thanks Ryan and Christie for letting us add him to our breeding lineup!
Classification Score October 2013: VG87


Big Bang, Pictured at 14 months old and collage

This is Jake, our first Boer goat sire after deciding to focus on the Boer breed in 2002. He descended from Ram H Galaxy on his sire’s side. He was sold in May of 2004, after we made the decision to go into registered stock.

Dreamweaver Ace
Click here for pedigree R18045

Ace has had a great influence on the genetics of our herd. He is a muscular handsome buck who carries himself with pride. He is sired by Ram H Dreamweaver Igali (a Ram H Shooter son). His dam is Dreamweaver Shannon, who descends from G&A Ranching Kuma and Ram H Calico. He has produced some paint does in our herd. He has produced well for our herd for 3 years, and is now sold.

Sugarfield Strategy
Click here for pedigree TR21549

This is a buck we had the opportunity to purchase from Sugarfield Farms. Strategy showed great thickness and strength. He has some colour genetics in him, as you see in his son Treeline Mustang Red pictured below. He is a year and a half in this picture. He is sired by Sugarfield Prodigy and his grandsire is Ram H Tipper (2005 Supreme Champion of Canada). His dam is Sugarfield Phoebe, who is sired by Ram H Tanker (Sire of Champions). Unfortunately, we lost Strategy is June of 2009. But his bloodlines will continue to influence our herd.

Strategy’s progeny have been proving themselves in type evaluation! With data we have collected so far, we are proud to say he has a VG89 son, a VG85 yearling son, a VG85 4 year old son, 2 VG89 daughters, 1 VG 88 daughter, and a VG86 percentage daughter. He also boasts two EX granddaughters, a VG88 granddaughter, a VG 87 granddaughter, two VG 86 granddaughters, and 2 VG 85 granddaughters and a VG 89 grandson, a VG 85 grandson as well as a VG 85 great grandson! Very impressive! Sugarfield Strategy at 1 1/2 years old

Treeline Mustang Red VG 89
Click here for pedigree R22290

He is a thick. sturdy, clean 1&1 teated homebred buck that we have added to our breeding line. Our oldest son Ryan used him in autumn of 2008 to breed his does. He has thrown beautiful offspring the spring of 2009 for him, and also in 2010 & 2011 for us! His sire is Sugarfield Strategy, and his dam is Treeline Misty. In Sept. 2010 Mustang Red was classified and scored VG89!

We are thrilled to announce that Treeline Mustang Red has been sold to Kerry O’Donnell of Kae Ronne Goats! He travelled out to Saskatchewan to his new home in January 2011. We will be retaining his 2010 red son Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1, (who classified VG89 at 14 1/2 months old) as our future herd sire.

ACR Antelope Creek Big Rumble
Click here for pedigree TR25290

Born March 1st of 2010, and is a grandson to Fred’s famous buck Tarzan T66! He is sired by Muddy Acres T66’s RumblentheJungle, who is a red and white paint. His dam is also a paint doe, ACR Strawberry’s Painted Lady. This young buck will be an amazing mate to our structurally correct brood does out of Supreme and Mustang!
2012 Update:We will be keeping several daughter’s of him in the herd, and he is now sold.

ACR Tarzan T66. Big Rumble’s grandsire! An amazing buck! Photos courtesy of Fred Homeyer of Antelope Creek Ranch in Texas.


Camerons Premiere Powerhouse

Born May 19/2011. This young guy is sired by Max Boer Goats Imax Premiere and is out of Patdale 146X. He is a traditionally marked buck with a bit of dappling on his head and neck. In his pedigree, this young buck boasts Logan Hill Mr. Makers Mark ( very structurally correct buck, whose strongest heritable trait, in addition to color, is putting beautiful front ends and length on his offspring!), the dappled and Ennobled Imax 3-D ( who has excellent neck extension and rack shape and carries muscling down his top and through his powerful hind saddle. He tracks wide and stands square), as well as Ram H and Central Alberta bloodlines!
Click here for pedigree pedigree
Update Nov. 2012: Powerhouse is now sold. We will have a small kidding of does bred by him in spring 2013. Looking forward to his kids!

Sugarfield Supreme VG 88
Click here for pedigree TR21548

We were thrilled to purchase Supreme from Sugarfield farms in November of 2006. He’s pictured here at 12 months of age. He has shown tremendous growth and should be a great asset to the herd genetics. He’s sired by Ram H Dakota, who won the Reserve Senior Grand Champion at the London Expo in 2006! His dam is Sugarfield Orissa, who is sired by Jewilane Sugarfield Monty (Royal Gr. Champion Buck 2002). His first kids hit the ground June of 2007 for us. He has been producing quality kids for us for 5 years now.

Here is a picture of Supreme at 6 years of age in June 2012. Still a very handsome boy, showing lots of length, depth, and muscling, and standing well on his feet & legs. Nice width to his chest. Carries the recessive colour gene, so produces colour for us occasionally as a bonus!
We have daughters from him in the herd that are classified with scores of VG86 & VG89 and a son that classified VG86 as well. Just had some kids sired by him born this June again, so he is still doing his job! Classified in August of 2012 and scored VG88