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At Treeline Boers, we have both purebred (Traditional, and Canadian Purebred) and percentage does in our herd:

  • Please take note that Traditional Purebred and Canadian Purebred and Percentage are the terms we use in Canada to officially distinguish the difference in our Boer goats’ pedigrees.

Some breeders have adopted the use of the term ‘Fullblood’ (used on U.S. pedigrees) when referring to Traditional Purebred Does and Bucks here in Canada. Fullblood is a U.S. term and means the same thing as Traditional Purebred here in Canada. A Traditional Purebred (or Fullblood in the U.S.) is a goat whose ancestors are all 100{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f} boer, which trace their lineage on both dam and sire lines back to Foundation Stock from South Africa (sourced through New Zealand, France, Germany, Australia, or wherever), and which conform to the breed standards as set out by the Canadian Meat Goat Association (ie. convex profile, Roman nose, pendulous ears, reddish-brown head and white body).

The U.S. term Purebred means the same as our Canadian Purebred (which is a goat that was bred up to purebred at some point, so the ancestors of this goat include at least one animal that is not 100{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f} boer. The offspring of this animal will never become Traditional Purebred, but will always be Canadian Purebred, even when it has reached 100{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f} on its pedigree. Does must be at least 15/16 boer (94{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f}) to be considered Canadian Purebred, and Bucks must be at least 31/32 (97{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f}) boer to be considered Canadian Purebred.

The term Percentage refers to a goat that is in the process of being bred up to purebred in the CMGA’s Breeding Up program. It takes 4 generations to breed up a female goat to Canadian Purebred, using a purebred registered buck each time, and it takes 5 generations before a male goat can be registered as a Canadian Purebred.

Please note that any pedigree information on our goats and any other breeder’s registered and percentage animals is available to the public for research at the Candian Livestock Records Corporation. Please see our link to this informative and useful tool on our links page.

Here is a list and description of the females in our breeding herd currently:

Purebred Does:

Treeline Bellefire VG 86
Click here for pedigree RCR29928

A beautiful red Cdn. purebred 2013 doe out of Treeline Breanne (VG89), one of our favourite brood doe families here, and Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1 (VG89). Bellefire raised a gorgeous paint doeling (Treeline Bella Baby) in 2015 that will be coming up in the herd, and had twin bucklings sired byTreeline Zeus in April 2016. Bellefire is now nursing a lovely doeling born late March 2017, sired by Maryber Time Selection.

Treeline Burgandy Rose VG 88
Click here for pedigree RCR27528

Another beautiful red Cdn. purebred daughter of Treeline Breanne (VG89) (the 2011 version) who’s sire is ACR Antelope Creek Big Rumble. She raised a gorgeous doe (Treeline Red Beauty) that now lives in the West, and in 2015 raised 2 handsome bucks, both sold as herd sires. She gave us a beautiful doeling sired by Treeline Zeus in April 2016. She gave us triplet doelings at the end of March 2017, which she is doing a good job raising herself!

Treeline Cheyenne
Click here for pedigree RCR31953

Cheyenne is a Cdn. Purebred (99{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f}) April 2015 doeling out of Stavely Cinnamon Treasure and Pryme BMJ. She has been exposed to Treeline Dandy Suitor for spring 2017 kidding. Cheyenne had a Cdn. Purebred red buckling at the end of March, as well as a little doeling that was unfortunately lost.

Staveley Cinnamon Treasure VG 87
Click here for pedigree RCR29068

A lovely paint Cdn. Purebred 2013 doe, sired by Almost Heaven Lazy ST Red (VG85) and out of Staveley Playboy’s Vixen(classified GP83 as a yearling doe, just kidded). Cinnamon Treasure has an older 1/2 sister in the Staveley herd that has classified VG85 (Staveley Rosie). She has a pretty paint 2015 doeling coming up in our herd (shown in the background of the picture below), and has a red doeling born April 2016 sired by Treeline Dandy Suitor. Cinnamon Treasure kidded with triplets (2 doelings and a buckling) in late March 2017, sired by Pryme BMJ. All three have been sold!

Treeline Cleopatra VG 85
Click here for pedigree TR31950

Cleopatra is a Traditional Purebred March 2015 doeling out of Graham Chloe and Treeline Zeus. Cleopatra kidded in mid August for the first time with 2 lovely doelings sired by Gunner! She is an amazing first time mom! Both these doelings have been sold! Cleo kidded again for us at the end of March 2017 with twins. We lost the female, but the male is growing well and is sired by Maryber Time Selection.


Treeline Cover Girl
Click here for pedigree TR29927

A Traditional purebred born in August 2013, Cover Girl is a Pryme Big Bang Theory(VG87) daughter, out of our Emerald Acres Clever(VG89) family again. (Treeline Candy Kisses is her dam). She raised a handsome Pryme Bad Mama Jama buckling in 2015 (Treeline Commander, who classified as a yearling at VG 87). She had a set of twins in April 2017. The female has been sold already and the buckling (sired by Gunner) is growing nicely!

Galiman Daisy
Click here for pedigree TR32950

Daisy is a Jan. 23/2016 doeling out of La Nordoise Patchouli and sired by Richardson’s Hi Definition (VG 87). Her grandsire on the bottomside of her pedigree is Chevrefleurs Cajo (VG 89). We look forward to watching this beautiful girl develop! She is now being exposed to Pryme BMJ. Daisy kidded with twin doelings July 14th 2017 and is proving to be a good mom!

Treeline Emmylou
Click here for pedigree R31567

Emmylou is a Purebred Paint Nov. 2014 yearling doe out of Cocoa Evita and J Bar T Blackjack. She has kidded for the first time and had twin bucklings ( a red and a paint) sired by Treeline Dandy Suitor at the end of April 2016. She lost triplets in the spring of 2017 unfortunately.

Treeline Gabriella VG 86
Click here for pedigree R29465

Gabriella is a lovely Purebred Paint doe born in 2013. She is a daughter of our own Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1 (VG 89) and La Nordoise Gloria (VG 85). She kidded for the first time last May, and raised two exceptional Pryme BMJ bucklings, that have been both sold as herd sires. Gabriella gave us two beautiful bucklings again April 2016. They are maturing nicely and will be offered for sale as future herd sires. Gabriella kidded again in April 2017 with a traditional doeling (on the keeper list for sure!) and another handsome buckling!

Du Biquet Giroflee VG 89
Click here for pedigree TR28556

Giroflee was purchased from Chevrerie Du Biquet in Sept. of 2014, about a month before her first kidding. She gave us triplets (of which 2 survived) and we have kept both of her beautiful offspring, one is our up and coming herd sire ‘Gunner’, and the other, Du Biquet Treeline Gigi, will be coming up in our brood doe herd. Giroflee has exceptional genetics behind her, sired by Show Me Boers Righteous Comet (VG 89) and out of Du Biquet Gracieuse, a daughter of Du Biquet Galaxie (EX). Giroflee is a lovely long doe, and is just a sweetheart, and we are thrilled to have her genetics in our herd! Giroflee had triplets again in April of 2016. Both of the doelings have been sold. In 2017, Giroflee again gave us triplets, all does. Two of the doelings have been sold and we are hoping to keep the third.

Galiman Precieuse
Click here for pedigree TR31066

We were thrilled to add ‘Precious’ to our brood doe herd in October of 2016! This beautiful girl is not quite 2 (Dec. 09 2014) yet, and had a single doeling in March 2016. She is a daughter of U.S. import sire Richardson’s Hi-Definition (VG 87) and is out of Galiman Predith (VG 85 as a 2 yr old). Her grandsire on the bottomside of her pedigree is Du Biquet Red Hot (VG 86). Precious lost her kids in January 2017 and so we have now exposed her to Pryme BMJ.

Treeline Rosa
Click here for pedigree R31568

Rosa is a Oct. 2014 Purebred Paint yearling out of Cocoa Rising Star and J Bar T BlackJack. One of my favorite up and comers! She is a beauty! She has been exposed to Du Biquet Treeline Gunner for spring 2017 kidding. Rosa had twin bucklings in early April and has done a great job as a first-time mom!

Treeline Summer Sparkler VG 87
Click here for pedigree R29464

Sparkler is a solidly built Purebred doe that is out of our Emerald Acres Beverly brood doe lineage. She is our only ‘Powerhouse’ doe left in our herd, so we are looking forward to her contribution to our herd genetics! Sparkler had twins in April of 2016,sired by Treeline Dandy Suitor, and we have sold her doeling. She was bred again to Dandy Suitor, and gave us twin doelings at the end of March 2017. One of the doelings has been sold (a paint doeling).

Du Biquet Tentative VG 89
Click here for pedigree TR28567

Tentative was purchased as a bred doe from Chevrerie Du Biquet, about a month away from her first kidding. She gave us a beautiful set of triplets, 1 buckling and 2 doelings. The buckling, ‘Touchdown’, was sold as a herd sire, and her two daughters are coming up in our own herd as replacement does! Tentative is the Traditional Purebred daughter of Show Me Boers Righteous Comet(VG89) and Du Biquet Tentation(VG87). Tentative’s maternal granddam is Du Biquet Tabourine (VG89). Both of these does are very prolific as well as doing well in the show ring. Tentative gave us quads in April 2016, sired by Treeline Zeus. Tentative gave us a single large buckling in March 2017 that is a real standout! He is sired by Time Selection.

Du Biquet Treeline Tilly
Click here for pedigree TR31262

Tilly is a Traditional purebred Oct. 2014 yearling triplet out of Du Biquet Tentative (VG 89) and Show Me Boers Master Blender (VG 89). With Show Me Boers Righteous Comet(VG89) and Du Biquet Tentation(VG87) & Tilly’s maternal great granddam, Du Biquet Tabourine (VG89) all in her maternal genetics, we can’t wait to see this girl working in our herd!! Their triplet brother, Du Biquet Treeline Touchdown, was sold to Cindy Gabriel to be her future herd sire! Tilda miscarried a buckling in May, unfortunately.


The following does are our Junior Does, coming up in the herd:

Galiman Dynamite
Click here for pedigree TR32953

Dynamite is a lovely February 22/2016 quad born to Galiman Explotion, a daughter of Veronamour Anita (VG 86) and Richardson’s Hi-Definition (VG 87). Dynamite is sired by RHG1 Goldies Farms D18 (a U.S. import dappled boer). She was raised as a triplet, and has shown great growth so far! She should make a good match with our genetics here at Treeline Boers, and we may be able to bring out her recessive colour gene! She is now being exposed to Pryme BMJ.

Treeline Francine
Click here for pedigree RCR31570

Francine is a Dec. 2014 Cdn. Purebred (97{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f}) yearling out of Staveley Big Al’s Fiesta Girl and J Bar T BlackJack. She has been exposed to our Treeline Dandy Suitor for spring 2017 kidding.

Du Biquet Treeline Spunky
Click here for pedigree TR31266

Spunky is a Traditional purebred Oct. 2014 yearling that has had a rough go of it her first year….losing her mom at 6 weeks of age, refusing to take a bottle, but slowly she grew and has lived up to her name, she has Spunk! She is still a small yearling, currently weighing just over 80 lbs, but we are giving her some more time as a jr doe to grow. She is the result of line breeding to MasterBlender, which we are excited to see this double dose of genetics at work here! She certainly has the genetics behind her, with her dam being Du Biquet Sensation(Masterblender x Samantha) and her sire Show Me Boers Master Blender (VG 89). Her granddam, Du Biquet Samantha is VG 89, and her great granddam is Du Biquet Pigale (2Ex)

The following does, have been sold or have passed away, but have been great foundation stock for our herd over the years, so we have featured them in this section:

Treeline Bella Baby
Click here for pedigree RCR31954

Bella Baby is a Cdn. Purebred (100{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f}) April 2015 doeling out of Treeline Bellefire and Pryme BadMamaJama. She has been exposed to Maryber Time Selection for spring 2017 kidding. Bella Baby had twin bucklings. She has now been sold.

Sugarfield Cadenza
Click here for pedigree TR31457

We purchased Cadenza in October 2016 as a yearling doe that has already raised a set of twins. When the opportunity came up to own some Sugarfield genetics again, we couldn’t let it pass by! Cadenza’s grandsire on the topside of her pedigree is Patdale 80Y Yabba-Dabba-Do (VG 89). She also boasts some great old tried and true genetics to the tune of Sugarfield Old 100, Ram H Dakota, Ram H Tanker, Ram H Montana Captured, Balson Mkubwa, & J5 Blackbeard 76M. Cadenza is exposed to Du Biquet Treeline Gunner for spring kidding 2017. We were fortunate to receive a beautiful doeling from Cadenza in mid April, which we are keeping in the ranks. We sold Cadenza after weaning as we find socially we like to keep our small herd of brood does without horns.

Sugarfield California Girl
Click here for pedigree TR31456

We also purchased California Girl in October 2016 when we got Cadenza. She is also a yearling doe that has already raised twins in 2016. California Girl’s granddam on the topside of her pedigree is Sugarfield Yankee Yes Mame 0702Y, who just classified EX in October 2016. Her grandsire on the bottomside of her pedigree is Patdale 80Y Yabba-Dabba-Do (VG89). She also boasts Sugarfield the Texan (a Sugarfield Old 100 son), who has sired many Pryme, Stonemoore and Essandea progeny. California Girl was also exposed to Du Biquet Trivago, and kidded with a lovely set of twins (male and female) the last day of January 2017! We are keeping her doeling and Cali Girl has been sold (again, simply because we prefer disbudded does).

Graham Chloe

A compact Traditional purebred doe born in 2012. Chloe is a daughter of Treeline Cricket (VG 86) and granddaughter to Emerald Acres Clever (VG 89). Her sire is Du Biquet Cappucino (a son of Lewis Creek Jetset). She has a lovely 2015 ‘Zeus’ daughter in our herd, Treeline Cleopatra (VG 85), that kidded for the first time in August 2016 with twin doelings. Chloe has been sold after raising twin bucklings the spring of 2016.

Treeline Dash of Class

A red Purebred 2011 Big Rumble daughter with an endearing deformed ear(she hasn’t passed this oddity onto any of her offspring though!) Dash of Class comes from our favourite Treeline Dorothy(VG88) family! Dash of Class is the mother of our red herd sire, Treeline Dandy Suitor (VG 85), and also of a beautiful paint doe, Treeline Desire of My Heart, sold in 2014. Dash of Class raised twin bucklings in the spring of 2016, and has now been sold.


Aftershock Deanna
Click here for pedigree TR32948

This pretty little March 2016 doeling was born on our anniversary, so we just couldn’t resist adding her to our herd! She has some impressive genetics behind her too of course! Her dam is Sugarfield Overloaded, who is a daughter of Nuusa Punisher (EX), and her sire is Aftershock Lethal Weapon, a son of Sugarfield Intense (EX). Lethal Weapon’s twin sister classified at VG 87 in Oct. 2016 at just under 3 yrs old. We decided to sell Deanna is a group of 12 does the summer of 2017 as we try to keep our herd numbers close to 20 breeding adults.

Cocoa Evita

We purchased Evita as a young weaned doeling, and she has developed into a lovely large doe here! She is a Traditional Purebred 2013 Medicine Creek Arthur(VG85) daughter out of Cocoa Emma(VG86), a doe that descends from Ram H genetics. Evita’s 2014 daughter is Treeline Emmylou, a pretty purebred paint doe that is coming up in the herd. We are excited about seeing their genetics at work in our herd! Evita raised twin doelings in the spring of 2016. We are keeping one of the doelings in our herd, and have sold Evita and her other doeling.

Du Biquet Treeline Gigi GP 83
Click here for pedigree TR31265

Gigi is a Traditional Purebred Oct. 2014 yearling out of Du Biquet Giroflee (VG 89) and Show Me boers Master Blender (VG 89). Her maternal genetics boast: Show Me Boers Righteous Comet (VG 89) and Du Biquet Gracieuse, a daughter of Du Biquet Galaxie (EX). We are so looking forward to see what she contributes to our herd! Gigi kidded with a beautiful doeling towards the end of May. She did an amazing job raising her and the doeling has now been sold. Gigi kidded again in late March 2017 with triplets, but only one buckling survived. He is sired by Pryme BMJ. Unfortunately, we lost Gigi the summer of 2017.

Staveley Glow N’ Ember

We were excited to add Glow N’ Ember to our ranks, (even though we were downsizing at the time!). She is a Cdn. Purebred daughter of Almost Heaven Lazy ST Red(VG85) and Pryme Gloria Mandisa (Rowdy Mtns. Dancing King (VG86)x Stonemoore Topaz(VG85). Glow N’ Ember raised twins in the spring of April 2016, and has now been sold. We are keeping her red doeling (sired by Treeline Dandy Suitor) in the ranks though!

Staveley Fair Maiden

We purchased Fair Maiden as a 6 week old doeling at her mother, Staveley Big Al’s Fiesta Girl’s (GP82) side. Her sire is ACR Antelope Creek Magician, a large powerful import sire. She is a mid sized, efficient, hard working doe,(just like her dam) who raised twins on her first kidding in 2015. We donated her doeling from her first kidding to a CMGA Youth program fundrasing auction for $2030 in March of 2016 Fair Maiden raised twins in spring of 2016, and we are keeping the doeling (sired by Treeline Zeus) for our herd, and Fair Maiden has now been sold.

Treeline Queen of Sheba VG 85
Click here for pedigree TR26725

Queen of Sheba is a 6 1/2 yr old large framed Purebred paint doe that is a daughter of Serendipity Serenity, who descends from South African genetics, and our own Treeline Mustang Red(VG89). She raised two nice ‘Zeus’ bucklings in 2015, so perhaps she will grace us with doelings this time around! Q of S gave us twins again in the spring of 2016, and we are keeping her paint doeling in our herd! Q of Sheba gave us triplets in 2017, two doelings and a buckling. We lost Queen of Sheba in the summer after weaning her kids.

Cocoa Rising Star

Rising Star is another 2013 doe we bought as a young weaned doeling from Cocoa Boers. She too, like Evita, has blossomed into a lovely large framed doe, and last year she raised two beautiful paint doelings (one of which we are keeping in the herd as a replacement doe). She is a Traditional Purebred Medicine Creek Arthur (VG85) daughter out of Cocoa Rose (owned by Pryme Farms). Rising Star gave us triplets in April of 2016, two bucklings and a doeling. We are keeping the doeling in our ranks, and offering one of her bucklings for sale. Rising Star has now been sold.

Staveley Made You Look Saucy Girl GP 83

Saucy Girl (shown here heavy in kid) is one of our older girls in the herd, turning 6 this summer. She is a Cdn Purebred Double S General Brock daughter (who happens to be out of Treeline genetics: Treeline Apollo x Treeline Faith!). She had twins in spring 2016 and the buckling (Treeline Storm) has been sold as a future herd sire. Saucy Girl has now been sold.

Du Biquet Treeline Tilda
Click here for pedigree TR31263

Tilda is a Traditional purebred Oct. 2014 yearling triplet out of Du Biquet Tentative (VG 89) and Show Me Boers Master Blender (VG 89). With Show Me Boers Righteous Comet(VG89) and Du Biquet Tentation(VG87) & Tilda’s maternal great granddam, Du Biquet Tabourine (VG89) all in her maternal genetics, we can’t wait to see this girl working in our herd!! Tilda was exposed to Treeline Zeus for late spring kidding. Tilda did a great job as a first time mom raising a pair of bucklings this spring, and although she is not a big doe, we believe she will still grow into her pedigree! Tilda has now been sold.

Treeline Delia

Delia is a 75{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f} registered percentage 2 1/2 yr old doe. She is actually 88{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f} boer, with a little bit of nubian influence stemming back to our 1/2 nubian/1/2 boer girl ‘Darlin’. Delia is a Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1 (VG89) daughter and her dam is Treeline Delilah(GP84). She is a solid, well put together doe, who did a good job raising a set of twin bucklings her first kidding as a yearling doe. She has now been sold, exposed to our junior herd sire Du Biquet Treeline Gunner.

Treeline Delightful

Delightful is a 75{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f} registered 2 yr old percentage doe sired by Medicine Creek Zodiac (VG87), and out of Treeline Darlene (VG86), another descendant of our ‘Darlin’ family. Delightful was set back by sickness last year, but gave her a chance to recover, and she kidded in spring of 2016 with a gorgeous red doeling, sired by Treeline Dandy Suitor. Both have now been sold.

Treeline Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a 4 yr old 50{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f} registered red doe. Dream Catcher has a couple shows under her belt, with 2 Junior Champion Percentage doe ribbons, as well as an Overall Champion Percentage Doe ribbon! Her dam, ‘Dottie’, is a twin sister to Treeline Darlene, but we left Dottie unregistered. This family is a great working line as well, as the females are very maternal and have lots of milk for their kids. Dream Catcher raised triplets sired by Treeline Zeus in 2015, with the 2 bucklings being sold for commercial herd sires, and the doeling growing up in our own ranks as a replacement doe. Her first kidding she raised a gorgeous single doe, sired by Big Bang, that was sold in our downsizing of 2014. Dream Catcher had two lovely doelings in April 2016, sired by Treeline Zeus, and both have been sold. Dream Catcher is now sold as well.

Treeline Dreamer
Click here for pedigree GR31951

Dreamer is a 75{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f} percentage March 2015 doeling out of Treeline Dream Catcher and Treeline Zeus. She has been exposed to Pryme BMJ for spring 2017 kidding. We sold Dreamer with her twins by her side (male and female) at the end of April 2017.

Treeline Raven
Click here for pedigree GR31948

Raven is a black 88{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f} percentage Dec. 2014 yearling doe out of our Senior herd doe Treeline Ruby and is sired by J Bar T BlackJack. She kept the speckled ears trait from her mom, (apparently this has a strong inheritability!). Raven has been exposed to Pryme BMJ for spring 2017 kidding.

Treeline Ruby VG 86
Click here for pedigree GR23342

Ruby is our 8 1/2 yr old senior herd member! She is a registered 50{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f} red doe, with some nubian influence stemming again from our ‘Darlin’. Ruby has had several shows under her belt over the years. Before retiring her from showing, she earned 3 consecutive year Reserve Champion Senior Percentage Doe ribbons at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair! Ruby is classified at VG 86. She is a very productive doe who has stood up well over the years, and has a well deserved place in our herd. She has been bred to Treeline Zeus for late April 2016 kidding. She raised a handsome buckling that has been sold as a commercial herd sire. Ruby has now been sold as well.


Katrina is a non papered boer goat that we added to our herd in October of 2016. We have found that some of our clients are not interested in registering their goats, but still wish to buy from a reputable breeder and be able to purchase quality animals but without papers. Katrina will be able to provide the kind of quality offspring these clients will be looking for without having to pay for a pedigree! She has been CAE tested both at the previous owners and at our farm, and is negative. Unfortunately we had to send Katrina to market as she had issues conceiving for us.

This 10 1/2 year old doe was one of our high percentage females. Emerald Acres Betsy was a registered percentage 88{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f} pure. Betsy was classified in September of 2010, and achieved an EX score!! The classifier evaluated her again in 2011, and Betsy achieved an EX score again! We’ve had this beautiful doe in our herd since she was a weanling, and we knew she was a keeper!! She is sired by Ram H Olympus and her dam is Cedar Spring Francie . Her daughters could be registered as Canadian purebreds. She was a powerful doe who steadily produces fast growing muscular kids. She has definately left her mark on our herd, producing wonderful progeny for us, as well as for other boer herds, including Treeline Blossom, Treeline Kayl a , Treeline Nadine and Treeline Naomi. Her daughter Treeline Brooke classified VG89 and her granddaughter Treeline Breanne also classified VG89!

Here is Emerald Acres Betsy in November of 2007, after nursing triplets born in June. This picture was taken after the London Caprine Classic, where she won reserve champion percentage senior doe.

This is a lovely spring picture of the goats grazing that shows Emerald Acres Bella in the foreground. She is the first daughter of Betsy (above). She is Canadian Purebred. Her sire is Dreamweaver Julius. She kidded with triplets in May of 2007 and quads born in March of 2008! One of these quads, Treeline Breanne (VG 89) was also a wonderful brood doe for our herd. Bella continued to be productive through her career here, with twins born in March 2009, a gorgeous doeling born in March 2010 (Treeline Belle of the Ball), and triplets born in March, 2011. H er 2011 triplets,Treeline Brandy, Treeline Mustang’s Braun, & Treeline Mustangs Big Bang, have all been sold to breeding herds. Bella was a great part of our herd for over 8 years!

This is Bella about 3 weeks after having quadruplets (2 doelings and 2 bucklings) in March 2008. She is a long powerful doe like her dam Emerald Acres Betsy.

This gorgeous long doe is Emerald Acres Clever. She was in our herd for just over 10 years. Her sire is Cedar Spring Tip Top and her dam is Bethany Hill Kudzu. As a doeling, she really lived up to her name and was an escape artist like you wouldn’t believe! She’s kidded 8 times for us. Update: Clever scored VG 89 in her last classification as a 9 yr old, and she also had a daughter Treeline Cher, that scored VG 89 and Treeline Cricket that scored VG 86

This pretty doe is Serendipity Selma. She has beautiful colouring and is from South African bloodlines. Her dam is Serendipity VT Naomi and her sire is Nissan Bronco. Her mother is a pinto doe, and she has produced some colour for us as well. She raised twins born April 2009. She raised a beautiful red buck sired by Mustang Red (Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1), as well as a red buck sired by ACR Big Rumble (Treeline Spitfire). We showed her at the Royal Winter Fair and did very well with her. She is a beauty! We bought her as a 2 yr old, and she produced well for us for 4 years, and then we sold her as part of our herd reduction in 2012. Selma scored VG 87 in her Sept. 2010 evaluation by classifier Ian Clarke! Her son Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1, who we retained as a herd sire, classified VG 89!

This young doe is Treeline Rosebud, a purebred paint doe that is sired by Dreamweaver Ace and in out of Nutbrown Sally. Rosebud is now part of Preston and Bonnie Cameron’s herd: Camerons Boer Goats. The Cameron’s bought 19 Treeline does and 2 of our Serendipity does as they started into registered purebred Boers in 2009.

Treeline Lilac

This beautiful young doe is Treeline Lilac. Her dam is Nutbrown Lily and she is sired by Dreamweaver Ace. She is a fine example of what Ace has contributed to the the genetics of our herd! Lilac kidded for the first time with twins in December of 2007, a buckling and a doeling. Her daughter was sold in a group of 5 doelings to Gord Smith, of Double S Boers in Brockville. Gord Smith is now proud to have Treeline Lilac in his growing herd. Gord has purchased more than 20 Treeline does over the years, as well as a few bucks, including Medicine Creek Zodiac. We love our repeat clients!

This proud mom is Serendipity Peanut. Her sire is Nissan Bronco and her dam was Serindipity Mia, who was a red boer doe. We were thrilled that she produced colour in her new little doeling Treeline Brown Sugar, born April 28, 2007. Brown Sugar is Sugarfield Strategy’s first daughter and has the honour of being the first red boer born on our farm! Peanut produced twins in May 2008 as well. Her daughter, Brown Sugar, started her career in our oldest son’s new herd and has since been sold. Peanut has also now been sold.

This is Nutbrown Maggie, soon after kidding in Nov. 06. She’s a seven year old doe sired by Maple Hills Denver. Her dam is Southern Crown Alissa. Her daughter from June 07, sired by Sugarfield Supreme, has been sold. She kidded again in March 08
Maggie is now sold.

Oak Hill April is an almost 5 years old doe, whose sire is Hawley Hill Buckie, and whose dam is another one of our does, Nutbrown Sally . She and her daughter Treeline Autumn were photogenic enough to become our ‘poster girls’ for our website logo picture that you see at the top of each of our website pages! Unfortunately, we lost April in 2008.

Emerald Acres Beverly

This is Emerald Acres Beverly, at 5 1/2 years old. She’s a very feminine doe with great length. Her sire is Cedar Spring Tip Top and her dam is Bethany Hills Konigin. Her first two daughters are Diana and Dutchess, pictured below. Beverly is now sold.

This is Emerald Acres Dutchess. She is showing the same quality traits as her mother. A very feminine doe with length and beauty. Her twin sister Diana is in the background. Dutchess is nursing a beautiful young doeling this March 2008, sired by Strategy, and also has two young does coming up in the herd that were born May 2007, sired by Strategy as well. There is a beautiful picture of one of her daughters, Treeline Dolly, on our Kids page. Dutchess is now sold.

This pretty doe is Emerald Acres Diana. She is sired by Dreamweaver Julius. Her dam is Emerald Acres Beverly, pictured just above. Her and her full twin sister, Emerald Acres Dutchess were a real asset to our herd. Diana kidded at the beginning of May 2007, having triplets. She is pictured here with one of her triplets Treeline Damien, who has now been sold. Diana kidded again in December of 2007 with twins, a buck and a doe, and in April 2009 with a buck and a doe. Diana has been sold along with our yearling buck, Treeline Benjamin. Thanks David!

This is Serendipity Valerie, a 7/8th boer goat we bought in June of 2003 when we first decided to get into registered stock. Her daughters are registered as Canadian Purebreds. Valerie has a tremendous capacity and throws huge kids! Unfortunately, we lost Valerie at kidding in December of 2007. We look forward to her granddaughter Vanessa coming up in the breeding herd.


Here is Cedar Spring Athena, our most powerful doe. She is a 7 year old doe who is sired by Ram H Wrangler. Her dam is Cedar Spring Chism. The picture below was taken in September 2007. she gave us another beautiful doeling with speckled ears in May of 2007 sired by Sugarfield Strategy, and another doeling in May of 2008 as well. Athena has now been sold. We will miss her! A real favorite!

This is Treeline Mitzy, purebred half sister to Serendipity Peanut. She is sired by Dreamweaver Ace, and is out of Serendipity Mia. Her twin sister, Treeline Misty, has already kidded, and produced a beautiful red buckling (Treeline Mustang Red) pictured on our Bucks page, in our Reference Bucks section. Mitsy kidded in March of 2009 with a lovely red doeling as well as a traditional buckling. They are sired by Sugarfield Supreme. SOLD July of 2009 to Preston and Bonnie Cameron! Mitzy and 15 other Treeline does will continue their career at Cameron’s Boergoats. This group is joining 3 Treeline boer yearlings they purchased earlier (in February ’09) that are coming up in their herd. Thanks so much for your purchases!

This is Treeline Jenny. She is a traditional purebred boer from Nutbrown Foxy and is sired by Dreamweaver Ace. She is a beauty, and we are thrilled to what she will offer to the genetics of our herd. Her buckling from spring 2008 is Treeline Jasper (VG 85). She gave us two handsome bucklings in March 2009 as well Treeline Jackpot is one of these sons. Jenny is now SOLD to Preston and Bonnie Cameron of Cameron’s Boer goats!

In January of 2008 we welcomed two new Serendipity does to our herd. This is Serendipity Serina, who is sired by Bethany Hills 49N and out of Serendipity Lucinda. She kidded with twins at the end of April 2008, and again in March 2009 with a buckling. SOLD to Preston and Bonnie Cameron of Cameron’s Boer goats!

This is our very productive doe Nutbrown Sugar Pie. She produced 4 doelings and 1 buck in 2006 (in 2 kiddings), and had a large single buckling at the end of July 2007! She just had a single doeling is March 2008 again! She is sired by Maple Hill Denver and her dam is Southern Crown Sugar. She is just over 7 years old. Sugar Pie has now been sold.

This is a triplet daughter of Nutbrown Sugar Pie, who is featured just above. Treeline Sweet is a very sociable doe, who always comes for some affection when we are in the field! One sister, Treeline Spicy , has been sold to Dave Prinzen of Bloomfield. Sweet kidded for the first time in March 2008 with a single buckling who is growing tremendously! She kidded again in March 2009 with twin bucklings. SOLD to Preston and Bonnie Cameron of Cameron’s Boer goats!

This is Emerald Acres Brittany, a powerful doe who is a great mother as well. She is just over 6 years of age. Her sire is Cedar Spring Eric and her dam is Bethany Hills Kazanlik. Brittany has now been sold.

This is Nutbrown Lily. She is a 6 year old doe and is the daughter of Sugar Pie. Her sire is Chevrefleurs Jardin. One of her June 2007 bucklings (she had triplets) as well as her doeling, has sold already! She is the dam of Treeline Lilac She kidded again in Mar. 08 with twins, a doeling and a buckling. Lily has now been sold.