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October 18, 2017


Kids in the Autumn 2007

It's hard not to take too many pictures of the kids.  They are absolutely adorable!
We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoy taking them!
Spring 2008 bucklings
This is one of my favorite shots of 'the boys'!
Bridgett with the 2010 kids. Great dog! Lots of doelings for 2010...and lots of colour too!
Cozy kids 2010 Paint doeling enjoying playtime on rocks!
Buckling 178U
Anjas buck 176U
Anjas buckling. Very Cute!
Headgames! They start young!
Darlins daughter Taffy 110U Two December 2007 bucklings
Treeline Clara
This is Treeline Clara, at 10 days old.  She is a twin doeling daughter to Emerald Acres Clever, sired by Sugarfield Supreme.
This is Treeline Blossom.  She is the only daughter of triplets born to Emerald Acres Betsy.  She is sired by Sugarfield Supreme.  Blossom has been sold.
Treeline Blossom
Treeline Donna
This is Treeline Donna.  She and her traditional marked brother were born June 10th, to our half nubian doe, Darlin'.  She is sired by Sugarfield Supreme. Darlin' always produces beautiful traditional and paint offspring that grow tremendously well. 
We were thrilled to have another kalahari boer born into our herd on June 14.  Treeline Mustang Red is a beautiful buck born to Treeline Misty (whose mother was kalahari) and Sugarfield Strategy.  See him pictured on our bucks page as a mature buck!
Treeline Mustang Red
This beautiful doeling is Treeline Dolly.  She is a twin daughter born to Emerald Acres Dutchess.  She has a beautiful dark cape and is showing great thickness already at 3 and a half weeks of age!
Treeline Dolly
Diana with son Damien
Emerald Acres Diana blessed us with triplets on May 8th , two bucks and a doeling, and is doing a wonderful job raising them herself.  Her son Treeline Damien is pictured here by her side.