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Our three oldest sons, Ryan, Jeremy, and Garrett, started with our Boer goat herd in July of 2002, when they were teenagers. Our boys played and worked together all the time, and they were always thinking of things to do and ways to make some extra money! Living in the country, young boys couldn’t really take up the traditional paper-route job! They started as a hobby, using money they earned from their laying hens to purchase 9 goats of various breeds. By September of that year, they decided they wanted to specialize in the meat goat industry, and Boer goats in particular, so they bought an unregistered Boer buck and doe. This buck, Jake, was a descendant of Ram H Galaxy, and the doe, Red, his half sister (also descended from Ram H Galaxy). Red and her first daughter Ember (the first full Boer goat (unregistered) born on our farm) were long time members of our herd, but were sold in 2008. We still have several daughters from both of these animals in our breeding herd today.

Our goats started out being housed in a small shack the boys built at the edge of the treeline. We put electric fence along either side of a long overgrown treeline in between our hay field and the heifer’s pasture. The goats did a great job cleaning up and eating back the overgrown treeline. It’s because of this that we came up with our goat farm name: Treeline Boers! We have expanded quite a bit since that first year! In fact, housing for the goats has taken over half of the machine shed, plus the construction of a 30 x 96 multi shelter building in 2007 for main herd (see Housing), and we have also fenced off 30 acres of rough pasture across the road and built a shelter there for the goats for summer pasturing!

We continued to expand our Boer goat herd over the years. We purchased our first registered purebred buck from Dreamweaver Boers in June of 2003. Dreamweaver Ace is a masculine, well muscled sire, carrying himself well, and throwing beautiful kids. Ace’s sire is Ram H Dreamweaver Igali, and he descends from Ram H Kerel on his sire’s side and Ram H Talli and G&A Ranching Kuma on his dam’s side. (We kept him until June of 2006, and then we made the decision to sell him, as we needed some new bloodlines in the herd, since we have kept many of his daughters). We also purchased a 7/8th registered doe from Serendipity Boers. Her female offspring could be registered as Canadian purebred.

In September of 2003, we had the opportunity to buy the small herd (consisting of 7 females and 1 buck) from Oak Hill Farm. This was a purebred registered herd, so we were thrilled to add them to our herd. The does in this herd hailed from Misty Meadows (Nutbrown prefix), and Maple Hills Farm. The buck descended from Cedar Spring Tango and Kingdom Kid Naomi, with Dreamweaver Caleb as his grandsire. Unfortunately, we lost him after only one and half years at our farm.

In October of 2003 we started testing for CAE. We culled out the positive animals immediately and we test regularly in order to maintain a negative herd. We are on a regular vaccination program, using Glenvac 3 in the past, and now Tasvax 8. We deworm the goats at least 3 times a year and maintain good hoof care as well.

Spring of 2004 found us adding some more quality does to our herd. We purchased females that had come from Cedar Spring Acres and Emerald Acres Farm, with Bethany Hills, Ram H, Dreamweaver, & Hays BG stock peppered throughout their pedigrees. That summer we also bought a Kalahari doe from Serendipity Boers with her traditional doeling at her side, with hopes of adding some colour to the herd. We kept 3 of her daughters in the breeding herd , and in May and June of 2007, we finally had a Kalahari doeling from her oldest daughter, and a Kalahari buckling from another daughter in that family! You can see this fine buck Treeline Mustang Red, on our Bucks page.

In late fall of 2006 we were in the market for a couple of new herd sires. We were quite happy with our breeding does now, numbering just over 40, with another 11 young doelings coming up that we plan to add to the breeding herd. In November, we were thrilled to purchase 2 young bucks from Sugarfield Farms. Sugarfield Strategy is a son of Sugarfield Prodigy, and has Ram H Tanker as his grandsire on his dam’s side. Sugarfield Supreme is a Ram H Dakota son who has shown tremendous growth, and should pass that on to his offspring! We’ve been very pleased with the animals born from these fine bucks. We lost Sugarfield Strategy in 2009, but we will continue to use his son Treeline Mustang Red to carry on his fine genetics.

Present: With Ryan. now 30, married, and out on his own (with a dairy Holstein operation and a boer goat herd!); and Jeremy, now 28, married, working on taking over our Holstein Dairy business; and Garrett at 27 now a certified Arborist and Urban Forester and running his own business ‘Tri-County Tree’, we have reduced the herd size from about 60 breeding does, first in the autumn of 2008, and then again in the summer of 2009, and further in 2013 &2014 . We now maintain a smaller herd size of just over 20 breeding does, as this is much more manageable as a hobby, and gives us more freedom to go away when we wish. We will still be producing quality boergoats each year, but with the limited numbers available, it is wise to reserve your choices early!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.