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Mission Statement: We consider Treeline Boers our hobby, and one that we thoroughly enjoy!

We offer sound, healthy, quality animals for sale each year at reasonable prices. Our focus is on quality boergoats, not quantity! Our breeding stock are fine production animals that are hardy on the farm, but who also do well in the show ring! While most of our goats are traditionally marked (white body, red head and neck), we have also been producing some exceptional coloured Boers over the years too, that have proven themselves not only in everyday farm life, but also in the show ring and on the true type scoring on the Boer goat Type Evaluation scorecard!

We only buy in the occasional Boer goat, as we are quite happy with the breeding herd we have developed over the last eleven years!

For example, we will purchase when we wish to have a new herd sire in order to introduce a new blood line into our genetics, or if an exceptional female presents itself that would enhance our foundation group of breeding does. We are not in a cut-throat business, most boer goat breeders end up becoming our good friends! Most goat breeders have wonderful relationships with each other, and we would be honoured to have a hand at adding more to our circle!

If we don’t have what you are looking for, we are more than happy to recommend a fellow breeder that might be able to help.

We show select goats in area fairs or goatshows mainly for this reason as well, not so much for ‘bragging rights’ as to expose more and more people to the meat goat market and to show the pleasure and profits it can bring to the farming community.

Our best advertising is a satisfied customer, and here is a couple of quotes from some of ours!:

From an Ontario breeder who has bought a commercial herd sire in 2011 and another in 2012 from us:

” He is just a “no work” kind of goat, fits in, doesn’t cause problems, he’s just so perfect. I am very happy with your stock, so I’ll be back, again and again!!” (His) babies are a big improvement over their Mothers, all “square” like little bricks and growing like weeds. Just wanted to give you a little up-date and let you know how pleased I am with your product”

From a Saskatchewan breeder:

” When he arrived in Saskatchewan he looked as if he’s only been travelling for 10 minutes, and not 3 days” the buyer remarked, and later also said: “A quality buck possessing a high degree of hardiness. Mustang arrived in Saskatchewan in January during a month of -30 weather. The Spring of 2011 brought flooding, and less than ideal conditions and limited, poorer quality feeds. Despite these conditions, Mustang has managed to maintain good body condition and has bred a number of does. It is one thing to buy a well bred animal, but it is more important that the animal be able to perform well and be hardy, because if they can not – they really are of no value no matter how well bred or beautiful they are.”

From Quebec breeder and friend, Shannon, from Staveley Farms: ( Note: We added some lovely Staveley does to our herd in 2013 and she purchased a new herd sire from us in 2014):

‘ Thank you for all your good advice along the way. Treeline genetics are the reason we started to raise Purebred Boer Goats. You and your herd are a real inspiration to the Boer goat industry. I am proud to know you and that you have chosen to add Staveley genetics to your herd.’

General Pricing:

  • Commercial (non-registered) Boer doelings are generally priced at 300 to 375.
  • Percentage (registered) doelings are generally priced at 400 to 475.
  • Purebred (registered) traditionally marked doelings would be priced from 550 to 800.
  • Doelings that can be registered and the buyer does not wish to have them registered can be discounted by $50 from their registered price.
  • A Commercial buckling (a good quality one) would be 300 to 400, and a purebred papered one is generally between 500 and 800.
  • Red and Paint Boers are priced individually.
  • Adults would be $50 to $100 on top of the above prices.

Terms of Sale:

  • Sales are first come first serve, persons on a waiting list are given priority.
  • 25% Deposits are required to hold and purchase. The deposit is non-refundable if you choose not to follow through
    with your purchase, for any reason.
  • You have 3 weeks from the date of sale (or weaning date on kids) to pick up or arrange shipping.
  • All sales are final once delivery has been accepted.
  • If they remain longer than the original date there will be a charge for care and board of $2 per animal/per day.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any sale – in this case your full deposit and any monies paid will be returned in full.
  • Payment is cash. Paid in full prior to loading/shipping.
  • Buyer is responsible for arranging suitable transporting.


*** We have three select 2016 yearling bucks available to be your next herd sire! Please contact us for more info on these boys, or check out our facebook page to see videos and pics I’ve uploaded of them! I’ve posted a few pics below of them! Priced between $750 and 850. These boys are sired by Treeline Zeus. We also have one red purebred boy available sired by Treeline Dandy Suitor! ***

***Our 2017 bucklings are growing well, and there are a few standouts I am offering for sale from that group as well. These are sired by Maryber Time Selection. Check out my fb page for a video I posted of them! I also have a few sired by Pryme BMJ and Du Biquet Treeline Gunner***


Bucklings 123, 121, & 118 (all three of these boys have been sold now.)

SOLD!: Tr. Purebred buckling #119. Pictured at 7 months old. A twin. Clean teated 2&2. He’s maturing into quite a handsome boy! He has quite a pedigree behind him as well! Sired by Treeline Zeus and out of first time kidder Du Biquet Treeline Tilda. He has both Show Me Boers Master Blender (VG 89) and Show Me Boers Righteous Comet (VG 89) in his maternal genetics, and EGGS Eggstra Flash N Chrome (VG 88) and Rowdy Mtns Dancing King (VG 86) in his paternal genetics. His granddam Du Biquet Tentative just achieved the classification of VG 89 this October.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page as well for pictures of young goats for sale, and lots of pictures of the new kids as they arrive and as they grow!

A homebred buck at 7 months of age. Out of Treeline parentage on both sides! (Sired by Treeline Benjamin and out of Treeline Breanne VG 89). Love his width and muscling at this young age already! This buck has been sold, but this gives you an idea of the quality stock Treeline Boers is producing! We are very tough in our selection of bucklings that make the ‘herd sire cut’, as we only wish to sell quality breeding stock! Your herd sire makes up one half of your breeding program, so it makes sense to be picky!

Many Thanks to our 2017 Clients!

-Thanks very much to Bucky’s Goats for their purchase of a nice starter group of 5 Purebred and Percentage females (2 with kids at their side). Good luck with your new venture!

-Thank you going out to Jennifer Roulston Croft for purchasing a yearling Cdn. Purebred young buck (without papers) sired by Treeline Zeus and out of Staveley Fair Maiden.

-Thankyou very much to Darrin Durand for his purchase of Treeline TopNotch! One of my favorite boys from 2016!

-Many thanks once again to Dan and Christine Weber who returned this year again to add 12 girls to their herd! All the best as you continue to grow your herd!

-Thankyou to Casey and Cait Forget from the County who came and purchased a Cdn Purebred triplet (purchased unregistered) out of Staveley Cinnamon Treasure and sired by Pryme BMJ

Our 2016 Clients, Thanks for your trust in our Stock!

-Thanks to Ashley Lansley, for your purchase of buckling #106, purebred son (purchased without papers) of Treeline Queen of Sheba and Treeline Zeus! One of my favorite boys! Love to see young breeders interested in the meat goat industry!!

– Thankyou so much (we love our repeat clients!!) to Becky Vissers for her purchase of Treeline Commander, a young up and coming purebred herd sire for her herd!

-Thanks to Christine Calver for buying another herd sire from Treeline Boers! Treeline Goliath is gonna be a good one!

-Thanks very much to Kara McGonigle, from St. Paul, Alberta, for her purchase of Treeline Gameboy (a twin brother to Goliath). Affectionally called ‘Mario’! Thanks for your return business Kara!

-Dan & Christine Weber purchased a group of 15 purebred and percentage does (8 adults and 7 doelings) to start their meat goat operation! Thanks for placing your confidence in Treeline stock!

-Many thanks to Pat Hainrich from Murillo, Ontario for his purchase of a Cdn. Purebred red buckling ‘Treeline Storm’, a Dandy Suitor son out of Staveley Made You Look Saucy Girl.

-Thank you going out to the Fockler family for their purchase of buckling #137, purebred son (purchased without papers) of Graham Chloe!

-Richard from Port Perry purchased our biggest commercial boy (out of Treeline Ruby and sired by Treeline Zeus), with plans to return to purchase some females once his new barn is completed! Thanks Richard!

-Thanks so much to Cathy Gill for her purchase of purebred buckling #121! A Treeline Zeus son out of Treeline Gabriella. Cathy came looking for a commercial boy, but kept coming back to this handsome boy! You picked a good one Cathy! He will do a great job for you!

-Thankyou very much to Robin Ross for her purchase of Cdn. Purebred buck #123, Treeline Buckshot! Sired by Treeline Zeus and out of Treeline Bellefire.

-Thanks going out to Amy Elliott for coming to purchase a Cdn Purebred buckling (without papers)!

-Thanks very much to Dennis & Lisa Schiestel for their purchase of Tr. Purebred buckling #118, Treeline Ranger! This handsome guy is a triplet, all dam raised, out of Cocoa Rising Star and sired by Treeline Zeus.

Once again, we thank our customers of 2015, we appreciate your trust in our genetics!

-Thanks very much going out to Maxview Farm for their purchase of 1 mature doe, 2 purebred doelings, and one percentage doeling!

– Thanks going out to Cindy Gabriel for purchasing a handsome purebred young boy, Du Biquet Treeline Touchdown!

-Many thanks again to Becky Vissers for her return business! She has now purchased Treeline Dandy Girl, and her doeling Treeline Dori, and well as purebred paint doeling Treeline Renita!

-Thanks again to Brendan for returning to buy his 2nd commercial buckling from us! Also thanks to Derek Jeffs for his purchase of a commercial herd sire for his herd!

-Welcome back to Scott and Paige Harding (moved back to Ontario from the States), and thanks for your purchase of Treeline genetics again! Treeline Bounty is their new purebred herd sire!

-Thanks to Gord and Sherry Robinson for their return business, as they came back to buy a new commercial herd sire, as well as a commercial doeling.

-Thanks to Colleen Alloi for purchasing another red commercial red sire from us!

-Also thankyou to Rick and Linda Hilton for their purchase of a commercial herd sire!

-A big Thankyou going out to Henk & Heather Schapelhouman for their purchase of a handsome purebred young boy Treeline Blueprint, as well as two purebred young girls, Treeline Natasha and Treeline Frances!

Many thanks to our customers of 2014!

-Thanks to Helle, from Rockfield Boers for your continued confidence and support in our breeding stock! Helle purchased 3 lovely purebred August 2013 doelings sired by Pryme Big Bang Theory.

-Thanks again to Tim Brown, from Under the Willow Farm. He returned to purchased a beautiful doeling, ‘Treeline No Nonsense Woman’, sired by Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1 and out of Treeline Nadia!

-Thanks to Gord Smith, from Double S Boers, for purchasing an outstanding August 2013 doeling ‘Treeline Fine Design’!

-Thanks to Christine (Knapp) Calver, from Windy Hill Farm in Deseronto for purchasing future herd sire ‘Treeline Zorro’!

-Thankyou to Gord and Nicole Moore from Harrowsmith for purchasing a handsome commercial red buck out of Mach 1 for their new herd sire.

-Thanks so much to Wayne Wood and Janice Switzer for purchasing a tr. purebred Mach 1 buck ‘Treeline Ugo’. Janice returned a month later as well to purchase two purebred yearling does that we offered for sale in our herd reduction sale that she was thrilled to add to her herd!

– Thanks again to Helle Fisher of Rockfield Boers for returning to purchase an awesome red yearling doe that we offered for sale in our herd reduction sale. You got an amazing girl!

-Congratulations to Ryan & Christie Prins of Pryme Farms for purchasing our 2014 Share Your Herd offering! They chose the lovely fullblood paint doeling Treeline Double Delight, out of Treeline Dutchess and Pryme Big Bang Theory! What a great choice! They returned to purchase 3 more yearlings (Staveley Farms genetics) in our herd reduction sale!

-Thankyou to Becky Vissers of Bowmanville for your purchase of a lovely spring 2014 commercial doeling and buckling!

-Thankyou to Rob & Tina Dekens for your purchase of 20 boergoats in our herd reduction sale! Welcome to the wonderful world of boergoats!

-Thanks also goes out to Gord Smith of Double S Boer Farm for his continued support over the years! He purchased Medicine Creek Zodiac as well as 4 Fullblood does with their February & March kids by their side that were offered in our herd reduction sale.

-Thanks to Niels Nielson for the purchase of purbred buck Treeline Skywalker, a yearling Premier Powerhouse son out of Serendipity Serenity!

-Thankyou to Matt for your purchase of a red commercial boer buck out of Treeline GloryBound and Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1!

-Thanks are also going out to Tony from Tweed, and Jesse & Tanya of Brighton, as well as Tim Brown (Under the Willow Farm) as they each bought a spring 2014 commercial buckling. The commercial buckling Tim Brown purchased was our top gainer, weaning out at 71 pounds at 3 months old!

-Thanks so much to Nicole Moody of Pouce Coupe, B.C. for your purchase of 6 does (including Treeline Bound to Bloom, and Treeline Red Beauty, as well as an awesome fullblood paint April 2014 doeling out of Treeline Tiffany), and also yearling Cdn Purebred Red buck Treeline Red Nugget! Congratulations on your choice of this great group of boers! It was great working with you long distance!

-Thank you goes out to Debbie MacLachlan of Candy Mountain Farms in Nippissing Ontario, for her purchase of yearling doe Treeline Ukita, a Traditional purebred sired by Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1 (VG 89) and out of Serendipity SM Ursula (VG86)

-Thanks going out to Dave Prinzen for once again buying a herd sire from us (his 4th!). He chose a Pryme Big Bang son out of Graham Chloe, a handsome boy we called Treeline El Camino.

-Thanks very much going out to Shannon from Staveley Farms, for your confidence in our genetics and your friendship! Shannon purchased Treeline Deal Me In, a Medicine Creek Zodiac (VG87) son out of a favorite family line, Treeline Dorothy (VG88)!

-Thankyou to Bonnie from Camerons Boers for her return business. She purchased purebred paint doeling, Treeline Desire of My Heart, a daughter of Medicine Creek Zodiac and Treeline Dash of Class (a daughter of Treeline Dorothy).
-Thanks again to Becky Vissers, who returned to purchase our purebred black buck, J Bar T BlackJack!

-Thankyou to Yvan Dery from Timmins, Ontario for his purchase of a purebred doeling, two commercial doelings, and a commercial buckling!

Many thanks to our customers of 2013!

-Matthew and Ashley Gall purchased a commercial buck, sired by Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1, to be the herd sire for their new group of young boer does.

-Dave and Ashley Abernethy from near Barrie, Ontario purchased a red commercial buck, sired by ACR Big Rumble, out out of Treeline Ruby(VG 86). Thanks!

-Tim and Shawna Brown from Under The Willow Farm in Kendal, Ontario returned to buy another Treeline herd sire for their herd: Treeline Seismic Rumble, son of ACR Big Rumble and Treeline Sandy (VG 88). Thanks again Tim & Shawna!

-Kara McGonigle purchased Treeline Let’s Rumble, who will be making the trek out to Alberta to take up herd sire duties at her farm! Thanks Kara!

-Linda Secord of Windsheperd Farm in BC purchased the handsome up & coming August 2012 born buck, Treeline Quick Shot. Thank you!

-Krista’s Jenny and Krista’s Carol are making their way out to Alberta to their new home. Thanks again Carmine!

-Rockfield Boers returned to purchase five beautiful purebred and percentage Nov. 2012 doelings. Thanks Helle and Paul!

-Thanks again to Valview Farm Ltd and the Benschop family, of Port Perry, who returned to purchase 4 commercial bucklings again this year to take on future duty in their dairy herd as the ‘clean up crew’!

-Holmside Farm are the proud new owners of Treeline Smokin Dynamite, a fullblood red boer buckling out of Treeline Dorothy (VG 88) and Camerons Smokin Red Hot. Thanks so much!

-Thankyou to Marshall & Sarah James of Country Strong Boer Goats, who purchased Treeline Britney, a beautiful Cdn. Purebred daughter of Treeline Breanne (VG88)! We are retaining her paint twin sister for our herd.

-Dark red commercial buckling #44 has gone to be the new herd sire for Louie’s herd, north of Toronto. Thanks!

-Thanks again to Kara McGonigle for returning to purchase a lovely spotted 88{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f} doeling out of Camerons Premiere Powerhouse

-Treeline Charger headed out west to be the new herd sire for Shelley Lupaschuk’s herd. Thanks for your purchase Shelley!

-A fullblood March 2013 buckling and percentage paint doeling headed up to ThunderBay to their new home with Andrzej & Shui Kuen Kozinski. Thanks so much!

-Thankyou to Brittany Rogers of Picton, Ontario for purchasing a Tr. Purebred 9 month old buck, Treeline Unstoppable!

-Thanks to Gord and Sherry Robinson of Newtonville, Ont. for purchasing a handsome Tr. Purebred buck, Treeline One Cool Dude!

-Thanks to Connerty Meadows Farm for choosing Treeline Boers doelings to build their herd with. 2 percentage sisters out of Treeline EllaMay are now residing at their new place!

-Thankyou to John for purchasing a commercial young herd sire and 2 commercial doelings!

-A fullblood yearling buck, Treeline Slugger, is happy to become the herd sire to Barbara/Raymond Massie’s small herd! Thanks for your purchase!

Many thanks to the following buyers of boergoats in 2012!

– Hugh and Becky Seaton purchased Treeline Mustang’s Big Bang, a 10 month old Cdn. purebred buck showing lots of potential! Thanks so much!

-Ron & Marti Wisniewski of Ronmar Farm in Lynden, Ontario purchased Triple Creek Suroit’s Rocky Road, an 11month old buck they will be using as a herd sire in their commercial meat operation.

-Derek and Karen Jeffs from Campbellford, Ont. purchased a market kid sire for their commercial herd

-John and Jacquie Treen of Newtonville purchased 2 young bucks for their commercial herd. Buck #267 and buck #275. Thanks!

-Lynn Fraser returned to purchase a red commercial buck,dubbed ‘Red’, (sired by ACR Big Rumble) to add to her breeding lineup, alongside ‘Spot’ (sired by Treeline Mustang Red), who she purchased from us last year.

-Sandi Suderman from Brandon, Manitoba has purchased ACR Antelope Creek Big Rumble and Treeline Lass.

-Rockfield Boers from Kilbride, Ontario purchased 8 girls: 3 Mustang Red daughters, 3 Big Rumble daughters, 1 Supreme daughter, & 1 Dancing King daughter. Thanks so much Helle!

-Christine Bliss purchased 2 purebred bucks and a tr. purebred doeling, all sired by Suroit CB Triple Creek. Thanks Chris!

-Robbyn Thibert of Triple Creek Farm, purchased the first daughter of Treeline Mustang’s Mach1! Thanks Robbyn, you got a special girl!

-Christine Handley, of Bellbrooke Farm in Bobcaygeon, Ont purchased two young purebred bucks for her future herd sires; Treeline Cobra (Mach 1’s first red Cdn. purebred son!), and Medicine Creek Zucchini (son of Rowdy Mtns. Dancing King)

-The Jansens of Derry Lane Farm in Meaford purchased two traditional fullblood doelings, Treeline Summers Sunrise, and Medicine Creek Zoo.

-Peter Vingerhoeds purchased a nice December 2011 born paint commercial buck out of Treeline May Ella and ACR Big Rumble. Thanks!

-Jason and Kim Brockman purchased a Treeline Spitfire, beautiful red fullblood Dec. 2011 buck out of Serendipity Selma and ACR Big Rumble. A half brother to our own Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1. Thanks so much!

-Corbin and Jessie St. John from Brock, SK purchased a great group of 7 doelings: 4 purebreds and 3 percentage. Thankyou!

-Thankyou to the Morrisons from near Barrie, Ont. for coming and purchasing a nice commercial herd sire (sired by Treeline Mustang’s Mach1) for their herd!

-Thanks again to Sandra White of Ashbook Acres, who purchased purebred doe, Krista’s Sandy, confirmed bred to Camerons Smokin Red Hot. We love our repeat customers!

-Thankyou to the Indeweys with their purchase of 4 does and a commercial buckling! Thanks for your return business!

-Thanks to John & Jacquie Treen for their purchase of a young paint commercial buckling sired by Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1.

-Rockfield Boers returned to purchase Camerons Premiere Powerhouse. He will be breeding the girls they purchased from us earlier this year! Thanks again Helle!

-Carmine Caputo from Wetaskiwin, Alberta purchased 15 does (exposed to Powerhouse), as well as young up&coming buck, Medicine Creek Zander. Thanks so much!

-Thanks very much to Thomas Hagen for purchasing an awesome son of Mach 1, Treeline Seals the Deal.