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Oct. 3rd Marked Our CMGA Classification Day!

On Oct. 3rd we had the privilege of having classifiers Ian and Barbie Clark to the farm to evaluate our goats! We are thankful that they are taking the time to travel across the provinces (and time away from their own family and farm!) to evaluate goats on farm, and to give breeders their insights and to give the goats an evaluation score when compared to the true-type goat and breed standards. We’d like to encourage more breeders to take advantage of this valuable tool we have available to us!

So, while we are always proud of our girls and guys here at Treeline Boers, simply for the hard work they put into producing wonderful offspring for us, both for breeding stock and for the meat market, I have to admit that on that morning I was just a little more proud of them, as their evaluation scores prove that our breeding program is strong and sound!

We evaluated 4 bucks and 9 does and all 4 bucks scored VG, and 8 does scored VG and 1 first time kidder scored GP. Here is a listing of their individual scores.


  • MaryBer Time Selection VG 88,
  • Pryme Bad Mama Jama VG 88,
  • Du Biquet Treeline Gunner (yearling buck) VG 86,
  • Treeline Dandy Suitor VG 85.


  • Du Biquet Giroflee (has kidded twice) VG 89,
  • Du Biquet Tentative (has kidded twice) VG 89,
  • Treeline Burgandy Rose (has kidded 4 times) VG 88,
  • Treeline Summer Sparkler (has kidded once) VG 87,
  • Staveley Cinnamon Treasure (has kidded twice) VG 87,
  • Treeline Bellefire (has kidded twice)VG 86,
  • Treeline Gabriella (has kidded twice)VG 86,
  • Treeline Cleopatra (first kidder) VG 85,
  • Du Biquet Treeline Gigi (first kidder) GP 83