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Showing and Promotion

When it comes to showing goats, there are several things to keep in mind. Winning ribbons at a show is always rewarding, but we have to remember it’s not everything. Keep in mind that the judge’s placing for your animals is just one person’s opinion on a given day. There are many other benefits to showing your goats as well. You can use these opportunities to see your goats in the ring with other breeders, and observe the strengths and/or weaknesses of your breeding program. You can of course, look for new genetic lines and new herd sires from within the herds of your fellow showpersons. It’s a great opportunity to ‘talk shop’ with fellow goat breeders. It’s a great learning curve for you as a breeder to be able to learn to look at your animals objectively by listening to the judge’s reasons for his placings in each class. Showing at fairs is a great way to promote and show support for your industry. And last but not least, showing gives your herd important exposure, and it’s a great place to make new contacts and hand out business cards and/or breed information brochures!

Treeline Boers has thoroughly enjoyed showing our goats for many years…it ranks right up there in anticipation with the excitment we experience at kidding time!!! …but in the interest of biosecurity, we have decided to retire from the showring. We take advantage of the CMGA Type Evaluation program (we have been participating in this program since 2010), as this we find is an invaluable tool in ‘ranking’ our goats and giving us imput on our breeding strengths and weaknesses as compared to the ‘true type’ meat goat.

Showing in 2013

Orono Fair had a boer goat show for the first time on September 8th/ 2013
– Most of our ‘show does’ were currently busy raising kids born in August, but we brought along some young ‘up and coming’ girls, and a handsome and hardy young yearling buck to participate in this new show!

– We were very pleased with Treeline Dream Catcher. A percentage yearling boer doe (registered at 50{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f}) who earned Junior Champion! She is sired by Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1

Treeline Boers was pleased to once again participate in the Markham Fair Boer Goat Show on October 6th/2013. This is a favorite show for us!

– Treeline Dream Catcher, at her second show, earned Junior Champion Percentage doe and Grand Champion Percentage Doe! This girl comes from a very maternal family with lots of milk, so not only does she look pretty, but she is destined to be a great working doe as well!!

-Treeline Easy Girl, another yearling 50{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f} doe, earned Reserve Junior Champion percentage doe!

-we were thrilled to also earn a 2nd place ribbon for Breeder’s Herd!

Showing in 2012

We were only able to show goats in one show this year, but we enjoyed it immensely, and of course our goats rewarded our efforts with impressive placings!

-Our commercial does, Emma and Anne, placed 1st and 2nd in the Commercial Boer Doe class!

-Treeline Nearly Perfect earned Junior Champion purebred doe!

-Treeline Delilah earned Reserve Champion Percentage Doe!

Showing in 2011

We were privileged to be able to show some of our goats in three boergoat shows in 2011! Some of the highlights are listed below:

Picton Fair, Sept. 11th This was the first year for a Boer goat show at this fair! We brought 6 does to the show. Our percentage does did very well!

-Treeline Madeline -Junior Percentage Champion doe, as well as Reserve Grand Champion Percentage doe.

-Emerald Acres Betsy – Reserve Senior Champion doe.

Markham Fair, October 2nd We brought 7 does and one buck (Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1, his first show!)

-Our Commercial 2 year old doe ‘Beth’ placed 1st in her class.

– Treeline Dorothy received Reserve Champion Senior Purebred doe

-Treeline Madeline received Reserve Champion Junior Percentage doe and Treeline MayElla received Reserve Champion Senior Percentage doe!

-Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1 made his show debut, and placed 2nd behind a buck 8 months his senior!

He did great his first time in the ring!

Treeline Boers also received 1st for best group of 4 percentage does!

It was a great day to be indoors for the show (rainy outside all day!).

Royal Winter Fair, Nov. 5th & 6th Treeline Boers once again showed at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto (this is the 3rd year for the Boer show there!), and we had a wonderful time there! We were pleased to have Olivier from Ferme Du Sillon travel with us and show 3 of his animals as well. Great job Olivier! It was so great to see so many of our fellow Boer goat breeder friends there, and ‘talk shop’ about a shared passion. Congrats to our son and his wife (Pryme farms) with their terrific results at the show as well! And to our youngest son, Reuben, with his percentage doe Treeline Ruby achieving Reserve Champion Senior doe for the 3rd year in a row!! Some more of our Highlights:

– Treeline Brooke, 1st in her class of 5 purebred does 2 years old (and it was her first show!)

-Treeline MayElla, second in her percentage 4+ yr old class and her daughter Treeline Madeline, 1st in her class (she also has percentage Junior champ & Reserve Grand champ, and reserve percentage champ under her belt from 2 previous shows),

-Emerald Acres Betsy, 3rd and still looking amazing at 9 years old!( she won Reserve Senior Champ at a show in September). Not bad for having a C section in the spring hey ladies! She also managed to bounce back and maintain her Ex classification (2xEx) despite her rough delivery in the spring! Oh, and Brooke is one of her daughters!

-And last but not least…our beautiful red yearling buck, Treeline Mustang’s Mach 1, placed first in his class. He is a very structurally correct buck (hence his VG89 score as a yearling!) We were very proud, esp. knowing he is a working buck…we just pulled him from the pasture where he was with 20 does until a week before the show, and he went right back to work when we returned home!

The Royal Winter Fair Boer Goat Show Nov. 6th & 7th, 2010

Another great year at the Royal!

The Boer Goat show was back again for a second year in a row at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto!
(The boer goat show is held in the Lower East Annex building). It was another great show, with 12 Exhibitors bringing a total of 73 beautiful boer goats to show!! There were 59 entries in the purebred classes, and 14 entries in the percentage classes. This is an increase in both areas from the 2009 show, which is a wonderful sign, and definite encouragement that the Boer Goat show at the Royal is here to stay!!
We brought 10 boer goats to the show this year, which was an increase for us as well! We showed 3 purebred does, 1 purebred yearling, and 2 purebred doelings, as well as 2 percentage does and 2 percentage doelings.

One of our main focuses at the Royal is to inform and interact with the public about the meat goat industry. We had a wonderful display to educate visitors about boer goats, and we thouroughly enjoyed chatting with all the people that stopped by for a visit! Another high point of the show is being able to visit with fellow boer goat breeders, and ‘talk shop’ with them! And then of course there is the boer goat show itself, and we were absolutely thrilled with how our boergoats and the breeding program we have placed our confidence in over the past several years at Treeline Boers did for us in the showring!

Here are some highlights:

-Our 8 year old doe, Emerald Acres Betsy, (who we have owned since she was yearling) earned Grand Champion Senior Percentage Doe, as well as Overall Grand Champion Percentage Doe!

-Treeline Ruby was showed again at the Royal, and for the second year in a row earned Reserve Senior Champion Percentage Doe!

-Both our red percentage doelings, Treeline Rosemary, and Treeline Gypsy Girl earned 2nd place ribbons in their respective classes! We were even more encouraged by the amount of other breeders at the show who really liked these young doelings! We can’t wait to see how they develop as the grow!

-Our 5 purebred boer goats also did well competing among the group of 59 amazing purebred does and doelings showed that day!

-The intermediate doeling (7 to 9 months) class was dominated by some amazing doelings from breeding lines from the Quebec farm, Chevrerie Du Biquet. They took 6 of 7 top placings in the class! Congratulations! We were so pleased that our own Treeline Summers Hope (sired by our Treeline Mustang Red) placed 9th in this amazing class of 12 doelings!

-Treeline Nadia (sired by Sugarfield Supreme and out of Treeline Naomi) did extremely well in a tough yearling class (does not having kidded yet). To place 5th in an elite group of 8 does such as these was quite an accomplishment!

We were very satisfied with how our does measured up in the ring, and we were very pleased to be able to have a hand at teaching visitors a little about this thing we love called ‘Raising Boer Goats!’

The Royal Winter Fair Boer Goat Show Nov. 2009

It was wonderful to have the Boer Goat show back at the RWF for 2009, after an absence of about 6 years! This was also the first time that percentage Boer goats have ever been shown at the fair! There were 54 entries in all, and it was an amazing show! We were very impressed with the show judge, Lisa Synsael, from West Point, Indiana. Thanks so much for your comments and advise!

There were 44 entries in the purebred classes, and 10 entries in the percentage classes. We presented 6 goats for judging–4 purebreds and 2 percentage. We were very pleased with our results, and we also enjoyed the two days in Toronto with our two youngest children! We were able to see many other aspects of the RWF while we were there, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The Super dogs show is definitely a must-see as well! I highly recommend attending the Royal Winter Fair, there is so much to see and do! We encourage goat breeders and enthusiasts to consider entering the show next year! We hope for a bigger show in 2010, with hopefully more percentage animals participating as well!


Ribbons earned by Treeline Boers at the Royal Winter Fair 2009! Treeline Ruby earned Reserve Champion Senior Percentage Doe!(at the tender age of less than 2 years!)

Showing in the champion percentage classes. Treeline Darcie in her 2nd show (placing 2nd), and her daughter, Treeline Ruby, in
her first show (placing 1st, as well as Reserve Champion).

Our doe, Treeline Sandy, placing second in her class, inbetween two beautiful Sugarfield does, Sugarfield Too Hot, and Sugarfield Timeless, who have both classified at VG89! The lovely Stonemoore doe, Stomemoore Topaz rounded out the class.
We hope to classify our herd next summer.


The beautiful Serendipity Selma, placing third in her class, behind two powerhouse does. The judge commented that she was very structurally correct, just lacking some of the power of the first two.

September 2009

While we were unable to participate in the Markham Fair goat show October 4th, 2009 because of family obligations, we are looking forward to getting back in the show ring on November 8th, 2009 for the Boer Goat show at the Royal Winter Fair! Hope to see you all there!

August 2009

We were thrilled some lovely Treeline does have continued their show career after leaving our farm. The Caprine Classic in Lindsay that took place in August 2009, and was the first show for the new owners (names withheld by request):
Treeline Lilac and Treeline Lady performed very well in this, their second show (both were shown by Treeline Boers at the Caprine Classic Nov. 2007). And the lovely 2 year old daughter of our doe Emerald Acres Clever, Treeline Clara, did well to place second in her class in her first show! Congratulations! Update: Lilac and Lady are continuing their career now at Double S Boers of Brockville.

Two from a group of commercial doelings sold this summer to Colleen Alloi of Echo Bay, Ontario, were shown at the local Laird Fair which was held Aug. 14th-16th. The event gives children experience learning showmanship and how to handle livestock, as well as rewarding the participants with some spending money for the fair! Update: These same two young goats were taken to the Echo Bay Parade of Lights and had a place of honour as part of the nativity scene on Dec. 12/09. They were a big hit with all the small children!

In December of 2008 our farm was the setting for the production of a Christmas video created by a local Church Youth Group. It was exciting to watch the teens and young teens interact with our goats as they performed their parts in the play. Some of the children had never been to a farm before, so it was thrilling to watch! I must say that our goats did a great job in their role in the video production, and with no rehearsing!

In November of 2007, we entered our second goat show at the London Caprine Classic show in London. It was quite a learning curve for us as breeders, and the competition was stiff. We were pleased to come home with 17 ribbons,(including a first, 3 seconds, and and 5 thirds!) and one Reserve Champion placing! We found that the 4 hour drive (5 and a half hours on the way there because of traffic through Toronto, also aptly nicknamed as “the great divide”, by some travelers!) was quite stressful on the goats , so we are likely going to only attend shows that are a shorter distance from home in the future!

Emerald Acres Betsy earned honours as the Senior Percentage Doe Reserve Champion for 2007 at the Canadian Caprine Classic show.

Dottie competed again in the junior commercial class, and placed 2nd in her class.

We decided to begin showing some of our Boers in fall of 2007. Our first show was the Markham fair, September 30, 2007. We were a little rushed in entering our animals, as we found out about the show a little late. But with only a week of preparation for 8 animals, we were incredibly pleased with how they did at the show! They were very well behaved, and seemed to enjoy all the visitors that came through the goat barn from the fair. It was also a great opportunity to chat with people about the meat goat industry! Below are some of results from our first time out!


We showed Sugarfield Supreme, a Ram H Dakota son, and were quite pleased that he placed 1st in his class as a Yearling buck, and he also won Junior Reserve Champion buck!

Treeline Darcie, our percentage yearling doe, won her class and also won Junior Reserve Champion percentage doe! She is registered at 50{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f}.

Dottie is a our yearling commercial doe. She won her class and is Grand Champion Commercial doe! Dottie is a fine example of the fact that you don’t need to own purebred registered animals to show in the fair. The Commercial meat breeding does is a great class to enter if you have a commercial non-registered herd!

Darlene is Dottie’s sister (from triplets) and showed well too, winning Reserve Champion Commercial Doe!

One of our first outings with our goats was to bring them to the Shannonville Fair in 2006. We were presented with the opportunity to promote the Boer goat industry and give our goats some exposure. It was great to see so much interest shown in the goats there! Thanks, Jeremy for all your help!