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Treeline Boers was proud to donate a yearling to Fundraising Auction

Interest was keen for the yearling Cdn. Purebred doe ‘Treeline Felicity’ that we donated. There were 26 Bidders donating by Dutch Auction, with the total amount raised being $2030.00!! Ballots were put in a draw (with each bidder getting 1 ballot for every $10 donated) and Greta from Treeline Boers was in attendance to draw the winning ballot. A big congratulations going out to Shay & Laurie Fries of Alberta, who were the winners of Treeline Felicity! But the big winners will the CMGA Youth!

Canadian Purebred Doe Treeline Felicity

Treeline Felicity will be 11 months old at sale time, and is straight out of our replacement doe pen. She is sired by Pryme Bad Mama Jama, which is fitting as this buck was purchased by Treeline Boers from Pryme Farms (our son and daughter in law’s farm), thus showing our confidence and admiration in the direction and hard work Ryan and Christie have put into building up the genetics in their herd since venturing on their own. She is out of first time mom Staveley Fair Maiden, out of a line of hard working and efficient does from Staveley Farms. This is another breeder I greatly admire for the integrity, care, devotion, research, and work ethic they have put into building up a great boer goat herd. Treeline Felicity is a Canadian Purebred 99{c3da4ff168e584321420d05a86d99dc95fd2b3ed0b71736b01bef438a26c943f}. I have been an outspoken proponent for the value of the hardy and productive Canadian Purebred doe over the years, so this was a natural choice for us to offer! Felicity is a twin, teated 1 & 1, has a good bite, is out of a hardworking family, and would make an amazing addition to your herd!