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Treeline Britney has earned the score of EXCELLENT!

We are always thrilled to see our goats doing well for other breeders! Congratulations going out to Marshall and Sarah James of Country Strong-James Boer Goats with their classification results! They bought Treeline Britney from us as a doeling and have done a wonderful job raising her. She is a 3 yr old (almost 4) doe now that has kidded 3 times for them, raised wonderful kids, including triplets this year, and on Oct. 14th she earned the classification score of EX!! We are so proud her at Treeline Boers!

Treeline Britney EX, owned by Country Strong-James Boer Goats

Britney’s great grandmother, Emerald Acres Betsy, became EX and then 2EX on our farm, Britney’s dam, Treeline Beanne, was VG 89, and Britney has two red half sisters in our herd currently that are VG88 and VG86! What a wonderful genetic line this is, very productive and hard working, as well as easy keepers!

We’d also like to congratulate Becky Vissers of Dozen Roses Farm, who has been a repeat client of ours, and had her goats classified for the first time as well. Her yearling buck, Treeline Commander, earned the classification score of VG 87, and her yearling purebred doe, Treeline Renita (first kidder) classified at GP84. She also has a productive percentage doe from us, Treeline Dandy Girl, that scored GP84.

Congratulations also going out to Shannon from Staveley Farms as well! Shannon is a good friend and fellow breeder and I am proud to have one of her does in my herd that classified VG 87. And she has a 2 yr old buck from us, Treeline Deal Me In, that scored VG 85!

Treeline Deal Me In VG 85, owned by Staveley Farms

Treeline Commander VG 87, owned by Dozen Roses Farm